Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick refashion

So this quick refashion came from me going through my closet and pulling out some stuff that I really haven't worn in ages. The Wardrobe Refashion challenge has officially begun, so time to get some refashioning in before I travel most of next week.

This started out as a long velvet skirt given to me years ago by a friend cleaning out her closet who thought of me because of the fabric. (I'm a big fan of velvet.) I loved the color and the fabric, and wore the skirt a few times, but found that the skirt was pretty unflattering. It's a little too tight on me, has slits so far up both sides that I'm a bit uncomfortable, and drapes in such a way as to make me look pregnant (which I'm certainly not).

I realized I hadn't worn the skirt in a few years, but still loved the fabric. And thus...time to make it into a quick stretch velvet top! I used another stretch shirt for the pattern, then just cut into the skirt, matching hems so that I wouldn't have to hem the bottom of the shirt. This is what was left of the skirt afterwards...

I sewed up the sides, left the neckline and sleeves unfinished because the knit velvet isn't unraveling (I call it a slightly deconstructed look; maybe it really just is lazy), and called it a new shirt.

And you know what? It just so happens to match a skirt that I'd made a couple of days ago out of a bit of the fabric I picked up from the Gilbert and Sullivan players.

So... skirt I didn't wear to shirt I hopefully will! (maybe not till it hits fall again, though.)


Sewmancer said...

Well done on the refashion and welcome to blogland!

Crafty Mermaid said...

Well done on the refashion and welcome to blogland!

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