Friday, July 1, 2011


Today, for Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, we're talking about our "outfit formula," that personal set of pieces we put together frequently/easily. Basically, what do we wear as our personal uniforms. See what the other participants have to say over at Modly Chic's roundup.

1. What’s your go-to outfit formula? What I wore today unintentionally epitomizes my current summer outfit formula: a bold dress (sometimes with a wide belt at the waist, sometimes not), a cardigan for the Lab where it's still ridiculously cold, and a pair of wedges. Usually this pair of wedges, actually. And a pair of earrings, perhaps a necklace. In winter, I'd say my formula involves a top and skirt, a belt, two pairs of heavy tights, and boots. Something like this:

2. How did you come about this formula?
For me, a dress has become a really easy choice. It's one tricky matching tops and bottoms. In summer, I like to take the opportunity to wear bold prints and colors. And I've got a couple of pairs of comfortable wear-with-anything sandals that only get more popular as I wear them more without hurting my feet.

3. Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your

You know, I don't know that I have enough different occasions that recur often enough to develop formulas. I have a set of regular dresses that swing a bit more "dressy," like the one I wore today (went out to dinner with the boyfriend after work tonight). I suppose weekends are a bit of a different occasion; I'll often end up in jeans (or capris) and a fitted knit shirt on the weekends.

4. Has it morphed over the years?
My outfit formulas have definitely changed over the last few years. In college, my winter go-to outfit consisted of a long velvet skirt, a tank top, and some sort of open-front shirt. In summer, it was generally a tank top and jean shorts or a skirt. When I started at the Lab and moved to the city, I stopped wearing tank tops so much (seemed to be drawing too much creepy attention on the street), and basically retreated into a uniform of jeans, sneakers, and tops that were well-not-quite-t-shirts-but-still-fitted-knit-shirts. When I made the active decision to start paying much more attention to my personal style, I shifted toward dresses, heels, and hourglass silhouettes.

5. Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe?
Keiko Lynn always wears such lovely outfits...delicate dresses, terrific accessories, and some bold color combinations like this one.

So glad it's finally Friday...really looking forward to this long weekend and the Boston fireworks spectacular on Monday night! (Also: since when is it July already?!?) Hope everyone has nice weekend plans...

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Terri said...

I like the silhouette in your summer "uniform".  Heartily agree with what you had to say about wedges and comfort.

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