Thursday, May 3, 2012

Me-Made-May, Days 1-3

So it's apparently May, and thus the beginning of Me-Made-May, where I've taken up the challenge to wear at least one piece of refashioned or self-made clothing every day this month. It's going to be a challenge to make this happen, especially since I'm traveling for most of the month. We'll see how well my self-made wardrobe packs! The first three days of the month have been rather cold so far, and most of my me-made wardrobe is better for the summer. Here's most of the things I'll be pulling from this month:
6 skirts, 6 tops, 8 dresses. I've got a couple more not-pictured items to choose from, and hope to make another couple of weather-appropriate pieces over the course of the month.
Day 1: Me-made top, thrifted skirt and boots.
Day 2: Me-made skirt, thrifted dress, Payless shoes.
Day 3: Me-made dress, thrifted sweater and boots.


fryskmemke said...

I love the second skirt and the red dress, really Nice!

Unknown said...

This is just the kind of blog i've been looking for! (new to sewing)
New follower!

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