Thursday, April 15, 2010

In the mood for dresses

This was yesterday's outfit. It's been a busy week and late nights at the lab, but now everything's finally ready for the big demo we have tomorrow. I'm especially pleased because the new demo that my coworker and I have been working on this week related to our big opera project really came together, and my adviser's happy with it.

This outfit made me really happy, too. I'd been trying to figure out a way to wear this dress/tunic (if it barely covers my bottom, it's not really a dress in my book), and putting it over a skirt to add some color and detail worked well. Also, the dress has pockets! Really nicely constructed pockets!
Skirt: Toupy, thrifted
Black dress: H&M, thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Capezio (character shoes from 8th grade...)
Brown tights: Hue
Flower pin: vintage, Ebay

I love the weave of this skirt. It's so textured and complex...also, has beautiful colors and some great soft wool. I should have taken a picture of the bottom hem...velvet trim and a lace-trimmed underskirt that shows underneath.

This was one of the first couple of vintage brooches I'd gotten on Ebay (in a mixed jewelry lot). Now I have a bit of a collection...I'm like a magpie, I love shiny pretty things!

And this was what I wore on Tuesday. I had a really hard time figuring out this outfit...we were scheduled to take a few publicity pictures related to the opera with one of our major funders, so I needed something that was nice/a bit dressy/still came off as "creative grad student."

Dress: Ann Taylor, thrifted
Lace shirt: thrifted
Black belt: thrifted
Faux pearl necklace: vintage, Ebay
Tights: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Sketchers

I haven't been getting as much thesis-writing done as I'd hoped, but I'm still planning on getting my adviser a draft early this weekend. And then I will take the weekend to relax and do fun things. Though staying at the lab working on cool projects is its own kind of fun. But I've got a concert to see tomorrow night, a friend's show on Saturday, and the boyfriend comes into town tomorrow afternoon. So I think it should be a nice weekend. :)


alya said...

I really love both looks, the layering is on point! And you're every "sexy secretary" in the second...though I know you're well beyond secretary, no implications intended. ;)

Unknown said...

cute outfits x

A Gluten Freestyle said...

Lovely outfits. That skirt is cute and the brooch is a perfect colour!

E said...

I love the touch of plaid under your long top and that brooch is fabulous!

Walk The Sand said...

Lovely outfits. That skirt is cute and the brooch is a perfect colour!

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