Sunday, June 28, 2009

Preparing for Wardrobe Refashion

Today was a good day for free sewing things (thanks to the school's Gilbert and Sullivan Players cleaning out their storage area and trying to get rid of things). I got loads of fabric...mostly solid color cottons and a couple of small prints, nothing too exciting. But I did grab several pieces that were two or more yards long, so I have a lot of free fabric to play with. I'm much better at taking risks with patterns with free fabric.

My favorite piece of fabric: multicolored brocade with gold thread. Too bad it's less than a yard with pieces cut out of it. But it could make a nice bag.

More excitingly, I managed to snag something that's going to make my clothing constructing/refashioning/reconstructing work go much more smoothly:

Yes! My very own beat-up dress form! I suspect it may have some hidden issues (as they were throwing it away, after all...) but for now I'm quite excited.

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