Thursday, May 31, 2012

Me-Made-May 29-31

Suddenly, it's the last day of May! With that, I wanted to share my outfits from the last three days of Me-Made-May.

May 29: Refashioned dress, Forever21 skirt, Payless shoes.

May 30: Refashioned dress, thrifted belt, thrifted sandals.

May 31: Refashioned top, Forever21 capris, thrifted sandals.

A few reflections from my Me-Made-May experience...This was the second time I'd participated in a me-made month, though I set stricter rules for myself this time. Last time, I'd allowed refashioned or handmade jewelry or accessories to "count" as my me-made piece of an outfit, while this time I stuck to clothing items. This made it more of a challenge for me, and I'm glad that I generally fulfilled my goal! Though there was one day when I didn't end up wearing anything me-made, on the last day of my NYC trip when I'd basically run out of shirts and needed to wear pants for hauling everything out of the theater. Also, an evening fancy-dress party that we hadn't known about beforehand...I'd had a friend bring me down a dress, but completely spaced out that she should have brought me this dress.

One thing I did learn was that I'd like to make a few more pieces that I really LOVE. I have enough things I've made to get through a month, but when part of that month had limited laundry ability I felt like I was having to go with outfits I wouldn't have necessarily chosen to wear otherwise. (Though part of that may also have been dressing for theater tech.) Also, my me-made and refashioned wardrobe trends toward dresses and skirts, which became problematic in situations where I really needed to be wearing pants more regularly than normal (since I chose not to bring my one pair of refashioned patchwork jeans...) Perhaps it'd be useful for my wardrobe in general to work in some more comfortable and easy-to-wear tops.

Also, May can be a pretty crazy month, weather-wise! Nothing like a month that you start in long-sleeve velvet shirts and end in summer dresses. I do wish I'd been able to be more active in the Me-Made-May group (and photographing outfits and posting), but ah well. Next time I do one of these challenges I'll do it when I'm NOT going to be out of town most of the month.

So. On to June (and the rest of my summer wardrobe)!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Well, May's gone fast!

Here I was thinking I'd post a lot this month...after all, I was participating in Me-Made-May, which would be a great reason to keep up regular posting. Oh right, except for that fact where I was traveling to NYC for three weeks this month to work on a show. Which was absolutely amazing! It was a fantastic, mind-blowing experience, and I can only hope I'll get to work again with the terrific team I worked with for this project. A number of us from the lab basically came into an (already spectacular) existing show, did an experimental week-long run of adding several new technological components, and then packed everything back up and headed back to Boston. I learned so, so much during the wasn't a resounding success, by any means, but we did an amazing amount with the short time and few people we had. It's taken me a week just to recover from the experience. I did keep up with wearing my Me-Made-May outfits (almost every day...had a couple of slips when I started running out of clean clothing), but I barely had time to sleep, so didn't get pictures of what I was wearing! We had many days of getting back to the hotel at 3-4AM, back at the theater by 9AM (or, if we were back at the hotel by 9PM, we all stayed up writing code together past midnight). By my "must have 8+ hours of sleep per night," that's an amazingly brutal schedule. It was such a terrific experience, though. Probably some of the best weeks I've had in my life (though I could have used a touch more sleep).

So! That's what you missed from me, this month -- living in the theater and writing thousands of lines of code! (I absolutely adore my work...) I also wore a number of outfits with self-made and refashioned things, and successfully managed to pack for two and a half weeks with me-made pieces in every outfit. The weather on the East Coast changed drastically, from cold and rainy a couple of weeks ago to a weekend in the 80's. And I randomly got a haircut today, basically because I'd been thinking a lot about it and was finally so overheated that I gave my boyfriend the scissors. I'm still not sure what I think about it; the last time I had hair this short was literally almost 20 years ago.

My hair also seems to have gotten a lot curlier/wavier since the last time it was this short.

Today's outfit is a refashioned dress and thrifted sandals...trying to dress up a bit after a couple of weeks of jeans and jean skirts and tops! (Parameters for my outfits in NYC included: need to be able to walk 30 minutes from hotel to theater, need to be able to deal with a range of weather conditions, need to work for tech work and sitting in our "control room" off the wood shop.)

And here's another outfit, from a couple of days ago... I refashioned this dress a bit ago. It used to have long sleeves and a giant lace collar. With both of those gone, it became a great piece for a summer day.

How has everyone's May been going so far? I hope it's been a good one!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Me-Made-May, Days 1-3

So it's apparently May, and thus the beginning of Me-Made-May, where I've taken up the challenge to wear at least one piece of refashioned or self-made clothing every day this month. It's going to be a challenge to make this happen, especially since I'm traveling for most of the month. We'll see how well my self-made wardrobe packs! The first three days of the month have been rather cold so far, and most of my me-made wardrobe is better for the summer. Here's most of the things I'll be pulling from this month:
6 skirts, 6 tops, 8 dresses. I've got a couple more not-pictured items to choose from, and hope to make another couple of weather-appropriate pieces over the course of the month.
Day 1: Me-made top, thrifted skirt and boots.
Day 2: Me-made skirt, thrifted dress, Payless shoes.
Day 3: Me-made dress, thrifted sweater and boots.
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