Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Midweek blues

For a theoretically more-relaxing week, it's been pretty busy here so far! Our big demo happened and went well on Friday, so that was really good. The weekend passed quickly. Saturday, I went to a panel discussion then got together with a group of friends for dinner/seeing a show another friend was in/all getting ice cream afterward. Sunday, some errands and such. Monday was a holiday here in MA -- Patriot's Day -- so I only went into the lab for a bit to work on a class project and drop off a draft of my thesis in my adviser's office. Tuesday, the entire day was taken up by a conference at the lab. But now the week's back up to speed and has gotten quite busy with class and projects and meetings.

This outfit is from yesterday. I like the stripes on this top, though they seem pretty bold...not sure if I've got the proportions quite right on me yet.
Tunic: H&M, thrifted.
Skirt: Old Navy, thrifted.
Tights: Hue.
Shoes: Sketchers.
Necklace: Ebay

I've been in a funk this afternoon/evening, though, prompted by the visit of a prospective student to the lab. I feel like my work isn't far-reaching enough, that I don't have big enough goals or aims or the abilities to actually satisfy those far goals or aims, should I be able to come up with them. I don't have a PhD thesis already planned out (though I'm finally in the program). I don't have huge dreams of what I want to see in the world that I'll do everything I can to make happen/that I believe need my skills to happen. Eh. I won't get too terribly emo on the blog, though (apologies for this much already!). I'm where I need/want to be, and I just have to believe I belong here and am qualified to be here.

Today's outfit went through a couple of iterations before I settled on this of those days where I knew I wanted to look put-together but also didn't have much energy to play with that.

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted.
Skirt: Eddie Bauer, thrifted.
Tights: Hue.
Necklace: first gift from boyfriend. :)
Shoes: Naimiai, thrifted.

And I've got a boots-to-booties refashion that I'll post tomorrow, once I get the details finished up...


Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE the blue necklace. For some reason whenever I wear black and white, I tend to stick to silver jewelry myself; but I love the way the blue pops against the neutral colors. You look gorgeous!! :)

Ana said...

Wooowww you look great , I JUST LOVE STRIPES :))
I'm si=o glad that I have found your blog, you seem so nice.
Thanks for the lovely comment.

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