Monday, May 16, 2011

Dress Me Up Like a Doll - republished!

It appears Blogger thoroughly ate my Paper Doll Project outfit post from last Wednesday, and never returned it! So here it is again, republished. Apologies if you've already read this. Now I'm glad I subscribe to my feed via email so I have copies of posts!

Today's outfit is part of the Paper Doll Project, started by Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy. Two bloggers are paired up, each picks an item they'd like in an outfit, and the other designs them an outfit for the day incorporating that item. I had the pleasure to be paired up with Laura from A La Mode et Plus. If you haven't seen her lovely blog yet, go over
and take a look!

For today, I wanted to see if Laura could figure out an outfit for me incorporating a pair of Chinese Laundry embroidered velvet wedges that I had seen on sale several years ago, fallen in love with, bought, and promptly never worn. Which is tragic, because they're so pretty! Look:

So Laura styled me up a fun pattern-mixing outfit for the day, incorporating my polka-dot skirt and blue belt.

Details: polka-dot skirt, thrifted and shorted by me. Blouse, thrifted. Belt, thrifted. Shoes, Chinese Laundry. Ring, gift (used to be my mother's). Watch, gift.

I like the polka dots and floral print together. Not a combination I would have tried without some prodding, but fun to wear.

You know what the trickiest part of the outfit was, though? Laura had specified that I wear a ring...which made me realize that I really don't wear rings. As in, at all. Ever. I think the last time I wore rings around regularly I was probably elementary-school-aged This one, from a box of old jewelry of my mother's that she'd given me a number of years ago, happened to match the belt...but I definitely was fiddling with it much of the day! Anyone else distracted by having things on their hands/wrists? Or is this just something I'd get used to if I wore more cocktail rings? (Which I've been tempted to do, seeing others pull off all sorts of fun accents...)

Hope everyone is having a good middle of the week! It's gray and drizzly still, here, which makes it hard for me to really focus... something about not being able to tell that time is passing during the day really throws off my sense of timing, I think.

Also, check out Laura's blog later to see how I styled her in this vest!

And now, after this blast from the past, I return you to your regular Monday.


Shybiker said...

Oh, that's perfect!  They're wonderful shoes but I'd never know how to style them.  This outfit works beautifully.  And I think you should buy a few rings for accessorizing. 

Districtofchic said...

Oh I love those shoes! They look great styled with the polka dots - how unexpected!

Kitty said...

Hi there, I know this entry is from a year ago but I have the same Chinese Laundry shoes, though in a deep red. I fell in love with these + still love them but haven't worn since buying over 2 years ago...I wonder what your thoughts are on these shoes? Eg are they comfortable, ok to walk in etc. I am agonising over whether I should keep mine or give them away!

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