Sunday, March 21, 2010

Polka Dot Fun

Home now from the Florida trip...but wanted to share one outfit from the vacation!

This was what I wore on Friday, our last full day in Florida. Mostly we walked around the town where we were staying, saw the shops and had some terrific ice cream (the shop baked their own waffle cones, and wow did it smell amazing to walk in there). We ended up at the beach for a bit in the afternoon, but then ended up going back to the pool near where we were staying so we could actually go in the water. Yes, it had warmed up by Friday, but still only to about 73-74 degrees.

So, the outfit details!
Dress: thrifted, and I think vintage (which actually might be backed up by a comment from the woman who owned a little vintage store we walked into...she asked whether it was vintage. I'm still learning how to identify eras, though.)
Shoes: thrifted
Tights: leftover from my dancer days, with the feet chopped off after I wore them out.
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: my own design

Overall, the trip was really great, though. It was good to have a break, good to spend time with the boyfriend and his family, and good to be someplace with sun and water for a change! And building sandcastles was fun too.

And something very I got an email from my advisor over the weekend that he's decided to accept me into the Ph.D. program at the lab for next year! (He'd decided he didn't need to wait to see if I could rework one of the pieces from my performance first.) So! That's a big load off my mind, and very exiting prospects. I am so, so thrilled about this.

And back to the lab tomorrow...

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