Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rainy day

This outfit ended up being a bit more colorful than I'd intended, probably because it was VERY gray and rainy today and I felt the need to do something to perk myself up. I had a couple of meetings and demos today and spent much of the day at a conference on new technologies and storytelling being held at the Lab. Some interesting stuff...lots of work going on in transmedia, the process of telling stories across multiple different kinds of media platforms. As a semi-traditional theater person, I'm not sure exactly what I think about story experiences that need you to watch television shows, go online, download things to your phone, read particular webcomics...if you can only get part of that content and have a satisfying, exciting, fulfilling experience, great. But that's hard to do...and if you feel like you have to consume all the content to understand the story, or really connect to what's happening, than it's a lot of pressure to follow a story through multiple media. Or maybe I'm just old.

Actually, I know I'm getting older, as it was my birthday today. So I went out with my mother after work to the dollar-a-pound and got a few cute things to celebrate. It's funny that knowing I'll be staying on for the Ph.D. (and I got my official letter today!) actually makes me feel older/more mature than the birthday.

So yes. Outfit details:
Yellow shirt: dollar-a-pound
Cardigan: Banana Republic, dollar-a-pound
Black tank top: Express
Black pants: Express
Shoes: Sketchers (must find some more black flats that don't look like I'm 8...)
Belt: Forever21
Necklace: Ebay (junk jewelry lots...)

Also, while this is what I wore at work, it's not completely representative of the outfit when I was outside and wearing my colored rain boots:

That's actually where the colorful outfit started this morning, with me knowing it was pouring rain outside and that I'd have to wear my rainboots and therefore had to wear something that would work with the boots. I eventually decided to bring a spare pair of shoes, knowing that I wouldn't want to wear the boots all day...but by that point, the outfit was already quite colorful.

At least it's supposed to stop raining tomorrow, warm back up to 50 degrees before it snows on Friday. I'm ready for it to be spring already!

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