Monday, March 22, 2010

A small refashion

So there's this thing where I'm a member of the Wardrobe Refashion community...I'd resigned for a four-month period in January, so during that period I'm not supposed to purchase any new clothing (that is, actually new, not thrifted/preowned/etc.) and am supposed to make new items from stash fabric and old clothing and post about them. I've been doing really, really good on the not buying new things...I slipped once a few weeks ago one sleep-deprived evening when Adored Austin mentioned an amazing sale on and I might have ordered a shirt for $5 and a dress for $7 (mind you, the dress was discounted from $90-something). Other than that, I've completely avoided buying new clothing. I might have gotten a number of amazing things thrifted from the dollar-a-pound, but nothing new!

But then there's this other part, the making new things...and I've been so busy with the thesis that this has been neglected. No longer! This Sunday, I made a simple project: a fountain pen carrying wrap for my boyfriend, the fountain pen enthusiast.

Even better, the fabric came from one of the boyfriend's old shirts that had started to wear out at the seams.

So this was a simple rectangle of fabric, with the bottom folded up and sewn to form a pocket. Then I hemmed the raw edges and sewed vertical lines up the pocket at 1" intervals to create separate slots for individual pens.

I also made a tie and sewed that to one edge, so you can roll up the whole packet and then tie it together. Apparently people use this for carrying around parts of their collection so they don't rub against one another and are kept a little padded.

Closeup of the pens in the holder:

Also, because I promised a closeup of my great new thrifted wedges with the fancy toes, here you go! I really, really like these shoes.

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