Saturday, January 7, 2012

26 Things by 26

In September, I started a list of 26 things I want to do before my 26th birthday near the end of March. In the spirit of having more adventures in the new year, I thought I'd share this here. The list is in no particular order (and stayed stuck at 17 or 18 things for a few months...surprising how hard it was to come up with things appropriate for the time range/seasons I'd be experiencing!). Many, many items involve food. Bold items have already been done. Italicized items are in progress.
  1. Go apple picking. I did this last October out in Western Mass with the boyfriend and his sister. We were eating apples for weeks! (For future reference: a bushel is a LOT of apples. Also, fresh-picked apples can keep for weeks.)

  2. Submit at least one project to the Make blog

  3. See Sleep No More in NYC. I saw this site-specific show in Boston (three times), and it was amazing. Now it's in an even larger building in New York. Must see again!

  4. Try aerial silks or trapeze.

  5. Eat food from an ethnic cuisine I’ve never tried before (Afghan, Ethiopian?)

  6. Go to the Brimfield Antiques Market A few friends and I went out to Brimfield, MA in September to see the giant show that comes to town a few times over the summer. Absolutely overwhelming and fascinating amount of stuff. I came home with a pendant and a set of Pyrex Friendship pattern mixing bowls that I was inexplicably drawn to. It became more explicable when I realized I'd pinned a picture of almost the exact set a few months previously:

  7. Learn Python.

  8. Sew a dress from a 1950’s vintage pattern. I've used a few of my 1960's patterns, but not the 1950's ones.

  9. Run a 10K race. I ran my first 10K in October, the Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women. When I registered for the race in the summer, I was looking forward to how easy it would be to run mid-October, when it had finally cooled down. That was...not a good day for the weather to randomly be 80 degrees. It was a tough run, but I did it!

  10. See the glass flowers exhibit at the Harvard Natural History Museum.

  11. Visit the Boston Aquarium. (I bought Living Social discount tickets, so this will happen by the end of the month.)

  12. Learn how to make a cheesecake. Springform pan purchased with some holiday Amazon money, so hopefully this one will happen soon!

  13. Finish a crocheted afghan. I made a crocheted zigzag blanket for my best friend's holiday present (which I probably should have gotten a picture of before I shipped it off to her.

  14. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch. Preferably these cinnamon rolls
  15. .
  16. Go to at least 10 performances (theater/dance/music/etc.) (So far: Mary Zimmerman's amazing Candide, Vanessa Carlton at House of Blues, a school Chamber Music concert, Arabian Nights, La Cage Aux Folles, a Terry Riley concert)

  17. Watch a Woody Allen movie. Surprisingly, I've never seen any.

  18. Learn to make risotto.
  19. .
  20. Start some homemade vanilla extract.

  21. Work through this set of iPhone programming examples.

  22. Eat no refined sugar for a week. When I was a kid, my family didn't eat sweet tooth kicked in as a teenager (and especially in college), but I'd like to see how I would feel if I totally avoided sugar for a bit.

  23. Find (and wear in public) a great shade of lipstick.

  24. Eat bagels in Brookline.
  25. .
  26. See at least 5 movies in the theater. I saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie and the Tintin movie over the holidays.

  27. Complete NaBloPoMo.

  28. Make this amazing frozen Gran Marnier torte with dark chocolate and cranberries. The springform pan is purchased...cranberries are in my refrigerator...this is happening soon!

  29. Spend a day without using the internet. (This one may be, perhaps, the hardest to complete. We'll see...)

What's on your list of adventures to try in the next few months?

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Terri said...

I try to schedule occasional internet free days.  #4 is amazing and you should absolutely do it!  What is Python?  #7?

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