Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cruella De Vil?

Something about the combination of this particular shade of red and the black polka dots on white reminds me of that character...though this really isn't a Cruella outfit, what with the mod-ish flowers and the kitten heels and all.

This outfit was an attempt to fight back against a second full day of heavy rain. VERY gloomy! Of course, this isn't what I looked like when I was outdoors. Add umbrella, jacket, and big navy rainboots. Yes, I packed a change of shoes in my bag to work so I wouldn't have to wear rubber boots all day. Does anyone else do that?

Black top: Ann Taylor, thrifted (dollar-a-pound)
Flowered skirt: Thrifted (dollar-a-pound)
Black shoes: Joy & Peace, thrifted (dollar-a-pound)
Red belt: vintage, Ebay
Black tights: Hue
Necklace: self-made

Today was a fairly basic day. Work, a group meeting, working on a project for a class, writing a bit of the thesis. I figure if I write a few pages a day for the next three weeks, I'll have a draft done in time...right? I hope so. We had a bit of a conversation at the lab today about writing these theses, and I'm glad that I've at least started a decent chunk of mine. It'll still take a lot more time, but I think I have a format and some sections done and a lot of sections begun. I tend to write in chunks and jump around a lot, especially when I'm writing a really long paper...something I'm writing will remind me of something I need to write somewhere else, so I'll go write that bit, then maybe come back to where I was or maybe have jumped somewhere else to another thought. So, keeping writing a bit at a time. Other than that, a quiet day. I've been convinced it's Wednesday all day. I can't wait for the rain to stop...should be tomorrow...
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