Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lace and Pearls

Pretty straightforward outfit today, I think. It was actually getting warmer...more spring-like...but I'm still in a black and white mood, apparently. And I love this skirt because it has pockets!

White lace dress (worn as top): thrifted years ago
Black skirt: thrifted
Black shoes: Capezio character shoes, which I've had since 8th grade...definitely the longest I've ever owned a pair of shoes!
Black tights: Hue
"Pearl" necklace: vintage, from Ebay
Red jacket: thrifted, dollar-a-pound

Right, the red was actually warm enough today that I could get away with wearing a pretty lightweight jacket! I really, really like this red one that my mother found for me thrifting recently. The buttons and pockets weren't in great shape, but I moved a couple of detail buttons to the front and fixed the tears. It's still too small (tight across the chest and in the arms...definitely couldn't wear it over a long-sleeve shirt), but I really like the asymmetrical styling and the buttons! Also, the shade of red is a great one.

I was attempting to play a little bit with the lighting in these photos, as I hadn't gotten myself out of the lab before it got dark today to try to take some pictures outside. I don't think I've gotten a really great setup for indoor pictures yet. It's dark in my place in the evening, as I just have torch lights...and only a couple of spaces uncluttered enough! I'm seriously thinking I'll get a little tripod to make taking pictures in various places easier.

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