Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catchup from Friday

So, as I may or may not have mentioned, I joined Chictopia at the beginning of the week when I started doing these outfit posts. It's already been quite interesting. I wore this on Friday, inspired by the colors of an outfit I saw on Chictopia (from accessorypirate). I wanted to try my own outfit with navy blue and black…I took the easy route, a bit, as the dress has both colors in the pattern already. But it also gave me a reason to wear these navy heels for the first time… I happened to be walking through the campus center a few months ago and saw a couple of pairs of shoes in a box labeled “free.” So of course I took the ones in my size (especially as they were still new with tags!). However, as they’re a pretty high heel, I hadn’t gotten around to wearing them yet. I really liked them for the first part of the day, until my coworkers and I went to lunch at one of the Indian buffet places a good 15-20 minute walk from the lab. Then the fact that the shoes were not broken in yet started to get to my feet. I need to figure out how to wear new heels without them rubbing the sides of my feet too badly (though it's better in the winter when at least I have tights on...)

Another part of this outfit I like is the necklace, which is self-made from a modified vintage brooch (which had chipped paint and therefore got a new color with nail polish) and a chain my grandmother gave me. This is a trick I've been doing recently, pinning a brooch to a chain to serve as a pendant.

I wore this on Friday to work, for a demo of my research, and to class. I was planning on going to see a play after work, or potentially go meet up with some friends, but was so tired I decided just to head home. It was a long, busy week! And, actually, it's been a kind of busy weekend...though I did a fair amount more resting and reading blog posts and going thrift shopping with my mother than I probably ought to have given the amount of work that I have to do on this thesis performance before the end of the month. Which is a lot! Finishing the costume design, getting the gesture recognition software to work better, designing and programming sound and visuals and lights to be controlled by the gestures and qualities of movement (some of that is done, but there's still a lot to go), finishing the choreography and rehearsing as much as possible with the gesture sensor systems...yeah. A fair amount of work for three weeks. On the plus side, after that I'll primarily just have to write the thesis.

And back to Monday, soon, and the regularly scheduled work/class/meeting/rehearsal week!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

You have so many wonderful accessories - I want them all! I absolutely adore the way you've refashioned this brooch into a necklace - such a clever way to create something new out of something old!! :)

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