Monday, February 1, 2010

Might this start being a "style" blog?

Thanks to Wardrobe Refashion, I've started to follow a wide range of blogs...first just sewing/craft blogs, but now actually fashion/style blogs (particularly vintage-inspired style blogs). It's been very interesting and inspiring to see so many people putting their own style experiments on blogs and describing their process...sharing their outfits and lives with a larger community.

So, I guess I'm interested in joining that movement. Or, at the very least, in documenting my attempts to pay more attention to how I dress. I've become very aware, being at a technologically-focused graduate school, that there's not too much attention being paid to "style." Paradoxically, that is making me want to be even more conscious of my own clothing choices...especially because the number of female grad students isn't too high, and I suppose I want to stand out a bit as a woman (girl?) in the program. I suspect this is a major reason why my personal style has been heading in a particularly vintage-inspired/feminine/dressy direction.

And with that...the first outfit post! It's not a particularly special outfit, but today I started finally taking pictures. This is what I wore to work today (and to a rehearsal for a dance piece I'm currently choreographing...choreographers can get away with a skirt at rehearsal, sometimes!) The main piece is a black BCBG Generations dress that I got from my favorite dollar-a-pound store yesterday and couldn't wait to add in. It's layered over a black long-sleeve shirt, an old slip (also from yesterday's thrifting run), and tights.

I threw this together last night, put it in my gym bag in the morning, then changed at the gym to find that the skirt on the dress was a good four inches shorter than I remembered it being. Luckily I'd packed the slip as I ended up with a decorative slip detail. (I've been getting very interested in slips lately, perhaps because of the lingerie-inspired looks that have been hitting the runways all over this season?) So...I'm not sure I was terribly comfortable with the hemline here. With the tights, it's perfectly decent, but I'm still playing with what I'm comfortable wearing to the lab.

And a close-up of the shoes. These did get comments from a lab-mate.

So, we'll see how often these posts happen. I'd like to try to record some fun outfits at least a couple of times a week...

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