Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wearable necklace circuitry!

So this whole outfit started out with the necklace. See, I’m taking a class on technology and textiles this semester (which is going to be so much fun!). Well, technically I'm not actually taking the class for credit, I'm a listener since I'm so busy with the thesis. But I'm trying to do the projects anyway. Our first project involved creating a soft circuit of some kind…so I chose to build a simple necklace with a light on the (neoprene) pendant that lit up when you squeezed a felted bead elsewhere on the necklace. We presented those projects in class today, and I knew I wanted to wear the necklace as part of my daily outfit rather than just bring it in for class.

Since the necklace design had ended up feeling fairly ’60’s to me (partly due to the materials and colors available), I tried to echo that in the outfit...the shift dress with the contrast banding, which I wore over a striped shirt due to that little thing called "winter" that makes it impractical to wear sleeveless dresses right now. It was a fun exercise!

So here's the necklace when it isn't lit up (most of the time):

And when the felt bead is squeezed, connecting a circuit and lighting the LED in the pendant:

I'm not sure what's up with this facial expression. I still haven't gotten my "model" poses down.

Also, the wedge boots finished off the sixties-ish look for me...I felt like a go-go dancer! They're surprisingly comfy, though. Another dollar-a-pound-plus find...

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