Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gray and Lace

Today was supposed to have some miserable rain/snow weather, so I had to counterbalance my desire to wear pretty skirts and shoes with realization of weather realities. Have I mentioned that I really, really am looking forward to spring? Then it didn’t actually rain or snow while I was outside…so that’ll be tomorrow, apparently. And Thursday and Friday. So much fun...no, not really.

This outfit started with the gray dress, a go-to thrifted piece. I hadn’t worn it with the lace shirt before (actually, while I’ve owned the lace shirt for a number of years, I think I’ve only worn it once or twice), but I’ve been really inspired by all the lacy details I’ve been seeing around the blog world and Chictopia, so…

So today was a busy day at the lab, still preparing for this performance I’m doing as part of my thesis! Though luckily showing some of my performance work to my adviser went really well today…I got some good feedback and some ways to make changes that will hopefully really improve the final performance. So that’s really great…now I just have to implement everything in a couple of days! Wish me luck!

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