Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shiny shoes Tuesday!

We had a plan to organize and inventory things at the lab today, so I knew I should probably wear pants…didn’t want to be sitting on the floor all afternoon sorting cables and such in a nice dress. But I couldn’t resist wearing these gold shoes to liven up the outfit a bit! I’ve declared that Tuesdays should be Shiny Shoes day at the lab. This did not necessarily go over so well with my male coworkers, who sadly don’t own pairs of shiny shoes. I’m attempting to start working into my daily wear some of the pieces in my wardrobe that are a bit more special or dressy or interesting…so hold me to that, okay? I have a bunch of great clothes and shoes (mostly thrifted) that stay in the closet most of the time because I don't have the proper "occasion" to wear them to. I can wear fancy shoes along with a regular outfit on a regular day, right?

Also interesting…I was looking at some pictures of me on Facebook that were taken last year and the year before, and it’s strange to see how much my sense of style has changed. I hadn’t realized how much I tended to be in the jeans-and-a-t-shirt ensemble… maybe that's just when the pictures were taken, but it was probably a representative cross-section. I'm definitely liking the change, and how I'm paying more attention to things and having more fun with my style now.

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