Monday, January 2, 2012

Craft Projects for the New Year

Today I thought I'd share some of the craft projects that are inspiring me to make things in the next few months. I'm hoping to work on some stash-busting, going along with the decluttering resolution. Last year I at least made some progress with the to keep using what I've stockpiled!

I definitely want to make some progress with my stash of vintage patterns (mostly acquired via Ebay a couple of years ago). Working through a few of these would help with my fabric stash and my sewing skills...

Source: My Vintage Crafts

Also on my list are some lace-covered skirts and dresses. I have literally a dresser drawer full of lace and lacy pieces...thrifted curtains and tablecloths, bits of lace trim, etc. I've made one lace-covered skirt, but have materials for more!

Source: via Elly on Pinterest

Source: via Elly on Pinterest

I'm also hoping to do some home-decor projects. Don't you love this paper-backed shelf?

Source: via Elly on Pinterest

I've been wanting to re-cover some of the accent pillows on my couch and armchairs. I love the idea of using bold floral fabric like this:

I also need to find some new crocheting projects to help me work through my giant yarn stash (mostly via Freecycle). I'd made a few holiday presents - an afghan for a friend and some baby hats for my boyfriend's young cousins - and am now just about done with a giant furry cowl scarf, looking for new patterns.

Maybe some of these Tea Cup Bunnies?

Or a pullover?

Anyone have any exciting crafting/DIY projects you're looking forward to tackling this year?


Terri said...

I love that pattern and look forward to seeing the results of your projects.  I've got stashes too, but not very many resolutions.

Molly Jo said...

First of all, WOW. I love creative people; and this post has so much hands-on stuff it's thrilling. =) I love the Tea Cup Bunnies and wish I was good with yarn. They are adorable. My creativity this year will be to include those items on my resolutions list, and next Christmas have at least four home made crafts posted on my blog in time for others to make and gift. Hmmm... too ambitious?

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