Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simple Sunday Refashion

I'd show you another blazer outfit today, but I barely went out of the house except to go to the gym...I did wear my tan corduroy blazer when I went to the supermarket, but didn't get a photo. I spent today primarily doing some cleaning and decluttering (the desk is...mostly...straightened up). I also dug into my refashioning bin. I really want to start actually refashioning the pieces that are worth my time and putting those that aren't into the Goodwill bin; there's only so much time that I have for projects!

One refashioning project I worked on today was this skirt. (I'm not entirely sure why I'd thrifted this in the first place.) I've been wanting a high-waisted jean skirt for the spring, and this had some potential...but what's going on with the awkward length and big slit up the front?

This wasn't a hard fix, though. I just cut it shorter, up to the level of the slit, and re-hemmed it. Now I have my new high-waisted skirt!

So it's time for spring to arrive now, right? Right?

Also, as I said earlier in the's a linkup for anyone who's interested in sharing some of their favorite blazer outfits. Would love to see how you all have been styling your blazers!


Callipygian said...

The length was ladylike while the slit added sass? Your version is a major improvement.

Terri said...

I have been looking for a gathered denim skirt, without much luck, but now that you've pointed out that I could shorten one, I probably will.  I think that skirt you thrifted was mine several months ago.  :)

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